First Trimester


Surprise! You are pregnant! The hormones of early pregnancy may have you thinking you are on a physical and emotional rollercoaster. Elated? Shocked? Ambivalent? All at the same time? Most women have some of these feeling in their first trimester as they get adjusted to the idea of being pregnant. Perhaps you are experiencing cramping or feeling exhausted, nauseated, or bloated. While these signs and symptoms of a healthy pregnancy are a bit uncomfortable, they are usually gone by the time you reach 12 weeks gestation. Try to keep your sense of humor and your sense of wonder as your body becomes the home for a totally unique creation – your baby. Some things to do – take a prenatal vitamin every day. Drink 6-8 glasses of fluids a day and avoid caffeine. Eat a balanced diet if you can. For women with morning/all day sickness, the first trimester diet may consist mostly of carbohydrates as they tend to stay down better and provide comfort and quick energy.

Some Helpful Hints

  • Nausea and Vomiting - eating smaller, more frequent meals (about every 3 hours) may help. You can also try ginger 250 mgs capsules three times daily as well as Vitamin B6 75 mgs three times daily. If your symptoms are persisting, contact your physician.
  • Frequent Urination – Completely normal as your growing uterus puts pressure on your bladder. If you experience bleeding, pain, or urgency with urination, please contact your physician.
  • Bloating and Cramping – your colon slows down a bit while you are pregnant to absorb more nutrients. Be sure to drink a 6-8 glasses of fluids every day and increase your fiber intake including things like whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your colon functioning normally. The changes in your uterus are also a source of cramping in early pregnancy – almost like menstrual cramping. This is normal and should lessen as time goes by.
  • Fatigue – Your body is very busy creating an entire human body – including a brain, a heart, lungs, and bones! It takes an incredible amount of energy to accomplish this work of art, so rest as much as you can in the first trimester. You will get your energy back around 16-18 weeks when your baby is almost fully formed.
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